Partica artist group is an artist collective and record label cultivating and curating electronic, hip hop, and experimental sounds. We strive to push creators to grow as artists and express themselves to their greatest ability. Partica was founded in 2019 by producers Runnit and Gurf with the goal of bringing a new flavor of trap/bass music to the city of Baltimore, and across the country. Our music focuses on danceability rhythms, and expressive sound design, rather than heaviness and intensity…
Partica also helps encourage artist growth in many ways. We offer specific, exclusive benefits for our artists, including access to a private promotional network, and access to our immense google drive packed with original samples and sounds. For our non-members, we offer a plethora free sample packs, as well as livestreams where artists can send in tracks for feedback or participate in timed beat challenges. Partica is dedicated to the growth of the individual artist and will continue to encourage that over everything.

Nick Noel

Co-Founder / Web Design / Art Director

Runnit coruns Partica and handles their web design, financial documents, visual aesthetic & more.

Nick Gurfolino

Co-Founder / Label manager / LIVESTREAM coordinator

Gurf coruns Partica and manages their social media, artist contracts, community pages & more.

Austin Jacobs


Austin aka XTALS is in charge of discovering new artists for the label and handling the release/distribution process.  

Danforth Webster

Copywriter / content creator

Danforth is our main blog writer for release write-ups, site articles, and content for our website.

Tzvi Braun

Graphic DESIGNEr

Tzvi aka smARGE provides us with top-tier graphic design for stream/event fliers, social media graphics, and assists in creating album art for releases.