Artist Interview: Raucous x Danforth

JULY 23rd, 2020


We linked up with recent Partica-release champs Danforth and Raucous to chat about music production and what it’s like being an artist. Enjoy their insights to their process – and join our discord to become part of our amazing producer community!

Tips for up and coming artists?

Raucous: Don’t be too cocky about yourself as an artist. It is one thing to be confident in yourself but you can always tell when someone is being too cocky.

Danforth: 1) Take your craft seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously. There’s a big difference. 2) Do not use someone else’s timeline for success. 3) Find a team/community. Grow with like-minded individuals.

What is your motivation in being an artist?

Raucous: My motivation is driven by wanting to make people feel something when listening to my music. For me, the best music is the kind that hits your soul, gives your chills, or makes you want to dance. As an artist, I try to make my music more than just something you listen to.


Danforth: I think it’s very important to have a life outside of producing for this exact reason. I am a huge proponent of taking breaks and doing other things when feeling uninspired. Making sure you have other aspects of life you enjoy and get fulfillment from. Also, for me personally, I need daily exercise to be happy and do anything. Regardless of the activity, breaking a sweat gives you an endorphin rush and gives the chemicals in your brain a bit of a reset. This helps me stay productive in my creative and academic work. 

What are 3 words for growth as a producer?

Raucous: Learn, Apply, Experiment.

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