"Gel" is out now

June 17th, 2020


For our final release of June I’m excited to be releasing my new track “Gel” on Partica Artist Group. Being that its my track, this writeup is going to read a little differently since I am not a sociopath who refers to themselves in the third person.

Gel is a fusion of my love for old memphis rap, juke music, and neck-snapping trap rhythms. For all the chaotic moments, wonky basses, and bouncy leads,  I tried to include equal amounts of lush chords, cool downs, and drum variations to make the song feel like a journey rather than a song with the traditional build → drop format. There’s a lot of experimentation I’ve attempted and failed at in the past from sound design to arrangement decisions, and I was finally able to execute them all with “Gel”. This is one of my songs I’m most proud of to date and couldn’t be happier to release it on Partica. 

P.S.  For anyone who donates to the NAACP legal defense fund and sends proof of donation above 5$ there is a free sample pack, [20 sounds] including sounds from “Gel” either I, or someone else from Partica will send you!