"IMPALA" is Out Now

November 27th, 2019

For our final release of November, we at Partica are excited to release a new track from Midnght: “Impala”. Right from the jump, “Impala” hooks the listener with an epic, atmospheric intro that escalates into a massive build. From there, the track drops with piercing synths and pulsing 808s that bring the swing and sass that are sure to get you moving. As “Impala” continues, its catchy vocal samples find a pocket that causes an infectious headnod as the track’s momentum is carried into its second half. Once the second drop hits, it causes a feeling of utter pandemonium that feels fresh and new, while still feeling cohesive with its first half. With its precarious rhythms and wonky leads, “Impala” is stuffed full of fresh sonics that we at Partica constantly search for. If you are looking for extra sauce and savory sounds this Thanksgiving then look no further. “Impala” by Midnght is out now on Partica Artist Group.