"Keep It Locked" is Out Now

October 30th, 2019


For our final release of October, Partica is excited to release “Keep it Locked” a new track from our friend L’homie. As the track begins, its eerie intro causes an almost instant head nod with its robotic vocals and pulsating rhythms. With the song’s murky sonic palette set, its energy is carried into a drop that can only be described as artistic chaos. Each section evolves off the last and the track’s momentum flows perfectly into an eventual cool down that leaves the listener craving for a round two. Once the second drop hits, there’s no turning back. The distorted basslines hit like a slap in the face and the energy crescendos to well beyond any and all expectations. If there’s a track that is a guaranteed mosh pit starter, this is one of them. This spooky season, we at Partica are not responsible for any debauchery or pandemonium that may or may not take place while this track is playing. Listen responsibly and proceed at your own risk.

written by Danforth

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