2019 recap mix
over 30 tracks in 12 minutes

DECEMBER, 31st, 2019

Take one final ride with us into the new decade with this mega-mini-mashup-mix! Composed entirely of edits and mash-ups of our favorite tracks from this past year, this mix truly shows the attitude of the Partica sound and displays how much growth each one of our friends has achieved this year. Thank you for an amazing first year of Partica, and cheers to the future.


sixpaths – i like to 
isoxo – fuckboi
hollimon – stfu
xtals – ID (partica 1/8)
scullion – wake 
jon casey, aedfx, xxx – birds
bd hbt x kurei – vice grips
superave – astros
mura masa – hell (msft flip)
runnit – droppa 
ascent – slapboxing
bd hbt x yojas – scrape remix
smolspider – fuck yojas
runnit x gurf – kickback
scullion – fuse
raftyr x sixpaths – pull up 
xtals x ouza – dissociate 
runnit x gurf – redemption 
runnit & friends – mug club vol 1 
minesweepa – periodt 
raftyr x kryo – flosik 
sadkey – ought (moore kismet remix)
yojas – saran
gurf x snak pak – bust em 
isoxo – ground 
danforth – gone
anti – mattr
delerium – textile (hollimon remix)
dilip, olswel, inimicvs – krunch
jordnmoody x sømething – FIU 
L’homie – Keep It Locked
Robu – Overflow