"PERKS" is Out Now

November 13th, 2019


For our first release of November, Partica Artist Group is ecstatic to release “Perks”: a new tune from THRPY and Golden Child. With its minimal and ambient intro, Perks starts off by giving away absolutely nothing; leaving the listener in a state of suspense for what is to come. This intro more than serves its creative purpose as the drop catches you off guard with an 808 that hits like a truck. From there, once the track’s momentum gets going, there’s no stopping it as “Perks” proves to be a nonstop climb from start to finish. As it comes to a close, the song ends as it begins, with its energy slowly reverberating back into the ambient abyss from which it came. Overall, THRPY and Golden Child’s wonky leads and buttery fills compliment each other, giving the listener a bouncy ride paired with effortless transitions and crisp sonics. In just two and a half minutes this “Perks” is a ride, and we at Partica could not be happier to share it. Perks by THRPY and Golden Child is out now on all platforms!