Artist Interview: Snxxz3 x Buzz Junior

August 5th, 2020


Snxxz3 and Buzz Junior sent us a track ages ago, during one of our livestreams. We immediately knew we had to bring them into the family. Enjoy their insights to their artistic process – and join our discord to become part of our amazing producer community!

Name one thing NOT to do as an artist.

Buzz Junior: A lot of artists think they need to create a side project if they want to tackle a different genre. Producers with a distinct voice can make all different kinds of music and you will still hear the core elements that make them who they are.

Snxxz3: Believe it or not, there’s a stoopid crouton on the loose that tried to claim my work as theirs, smh. So, do NOT! I Repeat! Do NOT try and take credit for another artist work! That sh*ts weak af yoo! 

Three words for growth as a producer?

Buzz Junior: Freeze, Flatten, Re-Sample 

What are some tips for a music maker?

Snxxz3:  First one hands down I’d say has to be your belief system, stick to what you truly believe in and don’t let anyone discourage or kill your vision! Second, the company you keep (the team!) There’s going to be times where we feel helpless or depressed, It happens, and during that time its crucial to keep positive energy around you! Lastly, Don’t be a know it all! How you expect to grow if you think your f***n google? Lol seriously, have an eagerness to learn and keep applying that knowledge fam!

Buzz Junior: BE HUMBLE! Some of the biggest names in the game are some of the most down to Earth people! (Not all of them. lol) But I’ve had the chance to meet some of my personal inspirations and they’re more grounded than some of the local bigshot DJ types. Don’t be “that guy”.  

What happens when you're not motivated? Tell us about what motivates you.

Snxxz3:  I haven’t been uninspired in a good long minute!! However I remember the last time I was in a slump, what helped me was literally doing nothing. I literally did nothing, even when I felt slightly inspired I forced myself to do nothing. All I did was eat, smoke, snooze, and binge watch the office lol. Weirdly, it helped. What motivates me, as cheesy as this may sound, truthfully, is the people, my family, and the loved ones who believe in me. I got people who want to see me throw Snoozy pillows at shows when this pandemic is over! lmao They’re my motivation, YOU are my motivation!


Key to happiness, in your opinion?

Buzz Junior: Realizing that the journey is the destination. 

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