"TWISTER" IS OUT NOW Gehena & M.E. Swank

August 12th, 2020                                          WRITTEN by DANFORTH

For our first release of August, we at partica are stoked to bring you a new release from Gehena & M.E. Swank: “Twister”. “Twister” starts off with a swirl of eerie melodies and an introduction that  creates a sonic calm before the storm. From there it drops into a whirlwind of basses and rattling drums that are sure to catch the listener’s attention and get them up and dancing. This momentum continues as you get to the second half of the track, as twister delivers one last double dose of booming basses and smashing rhythms. For a mosh pit-inducing track with unique sonics look no further, “Twister by Gehena & M.E. Swank is out now on Partica Artist Group.