"VENDETTA" OUT NOW Robu & golden child

August 26th, 2020                                         

This week, Partica is super stoked to be dropping our latest from two friends and family members, Robu and golden child. The track is out now on ALL platforms, and we have a FREE SAMPLE PACK as well, available in our discord server or on the free packs section of our website. To describe the track in a much stronger manner than I am able, here is Victor Lovo of FUXWITHIT.com’s take on the track: 

“We start with the appearance of this ominous lead synth, which seems to be almost sort of call to action. That action is soon revealed after a quick build leading to the drop section of this trap masterpiece. With the focus on the pounding drums and the sudden surfacing of that aggressive lead in the intro, this section immediately injects energy into the track. The remaining sections of the track incorporate different percussion progressions and arrangements to give the feeling of constant evolution throughout….”

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Robu x Golden Child #AskPartica

We also got to catch up with Robu and golden child to chat about music and life in general, take a read below. 

“What are your three top tips for artists?” 


Robu :   1. The only person you should be comparing yourself with is your past self. You don’t really realise how much you’ve grown because you always end up wanting more (not a bad thing). But sometimes it’s nice to use self-growth as motivation.

2. Never force yourself to write music. I learnt this the hard way. I used to always get an idea and force myself to finish it. Which ended up making my original idea sounding like trash. I always feel like it’s good to take your time with an idea and let it take shape by itself. 

3. If you’re not happy with the end product of a certain track you don’t HAVE to put it out. Your goal should not be to put out as many tracks as you can. It should be to put out the best thing you’ve ever made. It’s fine if you haven’t released a track this month. People would rather listen to some of your best and insane work rather than listen to something mediocre. Don’t put out tracks for the sake of putting them out. 


golden child :   1. You can’t rush the process. The road of choosing music is definitely a journey and not something that happens overnight. Pacing yourself and making sure things unfold overtime the way you want versus just as quickly as possible is the key to long term success within music.

2. Don’t be afraid to continue to evolve and change your sound. If you want to work with whoever then work with them, if you want to make a different style of music then make it! Do what feels right for you at all times to make sure you stay happy down the road! 

3. Timing is everything. You may want something at a certain point in your career that may not come for another few years or more. The goal is to keep pushing and staying true to yourself, the universe will reward and reassure you as a reminder that you are doing the right thing.

“Most controversial music opinion?” 

Robu : You could be a GOD at sound design, but if you can’t make them sound good together in a track I feel like it kind of defeats the purpose. Rhythm and Flow is more important than sound design. 

Golden Child : I feel like focusing on the way a track feels is far more important than focusing on the super technical side of things. If you have to clip to get those drums hitting just right, then I don’t see anything wrong with that.


“What to do when youre uninspired?” 


Robu : I usually grab a random acapella and start making a beat around it. Sometimes I go and listen to mixes from my favourite artists. A lot of the time I find myself digging through soundcloud and end up finding insane tracks from super unknown artists that get me very inspired. But one of the best ways to get inspired is by putting in some kind of time constraint or by setting yourself challenges. The Partica 30 minute beat battles have gotten me out of that state of being uninspired way too many times. 

golden child : Usually I will try and learn something new, or maybe even try and create a new genre or try a new bpm that I haven’t yet tried. I also might try and edit some videos and maybe pick up an instrument and try some new things. I think most importantly taking breaks when needed is key. Walking and getting out of the house here and there helps tremendously for me personally.